Apprenticeship Campaign

What are the main duties of an Apprentice?

Apprentices work closely with our Journeyman Lineman/Cableman(M/F) to address Enersource’s overhead and underground maintenance and construction requirements.
Your tasks would include:

  • Maintenance on de-energized lines
  • RBD daily checks, operation, loading & unloading poles
  • Applying rigging techniques
  • Book 7 implementation & setup
  • Pole line construction, guying, material assembly & anchor installation
  • Grounding, bonding & induction
  • Pole climbing & pole top rescue simulation
  • Install U/G service, meter checks, install & remove residential meters
  • Splice U/G secondary cable
  • Work on energized 120/240 street light system
  • Class 0 rubber glove work (<750V)

What skills and experience do I need in order to be a successful candidate?

We use a comprehensive recruitment process to identify candidates with the best likelihood of success.  We look for the following:

  • Comfortable working in an outdoor climate regardless of the weather
  • Ability to work at elevated heights
  • Electrical work experience and/or electrical education
  • Sufficient upper body strength to sustain long durations of physical exertion
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and apply basic electrical knowledge

What is the Apprentice recruitment process and timeline?

The Apprentice positions generate a lot of interest and we typically receive 500-600 resumes. Given the high-volume response we cannot personally respond to everyone regarding their application. Only those candidates selected to continue in the process will be contacted.

Apprenticeship recruitment

Our skilled trades are essential to our operations.  We offer an excellent formal, four-year apprenticeship programs that leads to a Trades Certification. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Submit your resume to Please include a cover letter highlighting relevant work experience and/or education.
  2. We will assess your skills and experience based on the requirements for the Apprentice position.
  3. If you’re short-listed, you’ll meet with the Enersource Recruitment Team and we’ll test your mechanical aptitude and general electrical knowledge in a group setting. (end of September)
  4. Successful candidates from the testing phase will be interviewed at Enersource by the Recruitment Team. This will help us learn more about you and whether your skills meet the requirements of the Apprenticeship. You will be required to bring a Driver’s Abstract to the interview.(mid-October)
  5. Finalists undergo testing that includes:
    • A half-day of hands-on testing at Enersource (end of October)
    • Strength and endurance testing to make sure you can physically manage the strenuous physical demands of this work (mid-end of November)
    • A self-evaluation questionnaire to assess whether your characteristics, potential and motivation are suited to this role (beginning of November)
  1. You will be required to submit a minimum of two professional references and we will obtain your consent to complete a criminal background check.
  1. We will do a thorough assessment of the interview and testing results to identify the best candidates for the positions. Successful candidates will be extended a written offer. (early December).

We periodically offer other apprenticeship opportunities for:

  • Meter Technicians
  • Substation Technologists
  • System Control Operators

Thank you for your interest in Enersource and the Apprenticeship Program. We wish all applicants the best of luck in the competition.