Emergency Preparedness in the Home

As we approach the winter season, many of us vividly remember the ice storm of 2013.  Severe weather caused power outages throughout the Greater Toronto Area, with some communities without electricity for several days.

When extenuating circumstances result in lost power for an extended period of time, please remember that your safety should be your primary concern.  The following suggestions can help ensure your safety and comfort in the event of a declared emergency.

We recommend that you develop a disaster plan that includes an emergency supply kit. This kit should include water, dried and canned food, emergency supplies (flashlights, batteries, first-aid supplies, prescription medicines, manual can opener and a digital thermometer), as well as food for your pets.

We also recommend that you use battery-powered flashlights, rather than candles, gas lanterns, or torches (to minimize the risk of fire).  Another item that is worthwhile is a solar-crank radio, which requires no electrical power.  In an emergency, radio stations will provide updates throughout the duration of the event.

Finally, in the event of an outage, be assured that Enersource has a team of dedicated professionals working to restore your power as quickly as possible.