Enersource Launches Program for Business

Enersource was proud to recently announce the launch of peaksaver PLUS® for its small commercial business customers.  peaksaver PLUS® is an innovative program that helps reduce electricity consumption when demand is at its highest.

For several years, Mississauga residents have helped manage Ontario’s electricity demand by participating in the residential peaksaver PLUS® program.

The program is now available for businesses with consumption under 50 kW. Mississauga currently has approximately 17,000 businesses that are now eligible to participate in the program.

Those who choose to enroll their central air conditioner into the program will receive a professionally installed, free programmable thermostat (a $350 value).  The installation technician will help you program your new thermostat to suit your business needs.

Thermostat features:

  • The unit is programmable and has a graphical display;
  • The built-in energy display provides near real-time data in kW and dollars to help customers understand and manage their usage; and
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows customers to monitor electricity consumption and control their thermostat from a tablet or smartphone.

How the peaksaver PLUS® program works:

Enrollment in the peaksaver PLUS® program allows you to contribute to electricity reduction in the province at times of peak demand.  Adjustments will only occur on weekdays (not weekends or holidays), to a maximum of 10 times per calendar year, and is limited to four hours in duration, usually during on-peak and mid-peak pricing periods.  Events can be called from May 1st to September 30th, and you can opt out of a particular event in advance.

The more peaksaver PLUS® participants there are in the community, the more the program helps during peak demand times to create real environmental benefits.

Trained technicians will be visiting qualified Mississauga businesses to answer any questions about the program, as well as to complete installations.

More than 200,000 Ontario residents and businesses have already signed up to help manage peak demand and create real environmental benefits – you can too!  For more information or to register for the program, please call 905-821-5705.