Finding New Ways to Communicate With Our Customers

If you’re a fan of South Asian Radio, you may have heard Enersource’s own Deepa Puthran speaking about various ways to conserve electricity.

In a monthly interview with Rogers Cable 10’s Jake Dheer, Deepa provides listeners with detailed information on conservation programs that are available through the local utility.  In the 5-6 minute segment, Ms. Puthran responds to questions in both English and Hindi.

“This is just an additional way we can convey important information to our customers,” says Puthran, who is fluent in Hindi.  “Among the Enersource staff, we can respond to customer questions in about 25 different languages.”

The value of this service was recently highlighted when a number of Hindi-speaking customers requested Ms. Puthran specifically to help them further understand conservation-related programs.

“Although this was just a pilot project, I could see us expanding to broadcast programming in other languages,” adds Puthran.

To listen to Deepa speak about electricity conservation, please tune in to 1320 AM CJMR radio at 11:15 am on the first Sunday of each month.