Monitoring Electricity Usage in Real-Time

Throughout Mississauga, businesses of all sizes continue to benefit from the various conservation programs initiated by Enersource and the Ontario Power Authority.

In previous newsletters, we’ve focused on how small businesses can participate in these conservation programs.  Larger businesses are also eligible for a variety of these same or similar initiatives.

Walmart Canada Corp. in Mississauga is a great example of an organization that takes energy conservation seriously and is now working with Enersource to do even more.  Before Enersource introduced them to available programs, Walmart Canada Corp. had an energy team in place that was focused on conservation in their refrigeration units.  Based on their growing success with that initiative, the team began seeking other opportunities to save energy, which brought them to the Enersource Roving Energy Manager Program.

Bruce Hanson, who is the Enersource Roving Energy Manager representing Walmart, suggested a facility-wide electrical monitoring system that shows exactly when and where electricity is being used. The monitoring system will show staff in real-time the savings found from an LED lighting upgrade that is currently underway.  The system will also be able to illustrate the associated savings for the company from the reduced heat generated in the refrigerated warehouse by these new lights.

A monitoring system this complex can cost up to $39,000.  Through the Targeting and Monitoring Incentive program, Walmart is eligible to receive up to 80% of the cost to implement the system.

Although this project is still in its initial stages, the team is optimistic on their future energy savings.  Based on projections, this facility expects to save up to 200 KW of demand and 1.3 million kWh within the next two years.