Our Company

Enersource is one of Ontario’s most trusted, reliable energy providers. We serve 200,000 residential and commercial customers across Mississauga — and we provide them with a lot more than energy! We help educate them on electricity safety. We offer conservation programs for residential and business customers. We provide smart metering to help them manage their energy costs. And through our website, we help them manage their Enersource account more easily.

We are a diversified energy and technologies company that serves our customers through two operations:

  • Our regulated utility, through which we distribute electricity and promote energy conservation.
  • Our non-regulated energy-services company, Enersource; this includes two divisions — Energy Services and Street Lighting — that provide utilities and private firms services related to the design, operation and maintenance of electrical systems.

Ninety percent of Enersource Corporation is owned by the City of Mississauga, and 10% is owned by BPC Energy Corporation (Borealis), which is part of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System.

Environmental Standards

Our Environmental Standards shows our customers that we’re committed to environmental excellence.

You can also download a copy of our Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Fast facts

  • We’ve been delivering safe, reliable electricity to Mississauga since 1917.
  • Peak electricity demand was approximately 1,610 megawatts in August 2006.
  • We are the third-largest supplier (by demand) among 80 municipally-owned utilities in Ontario.
  • We serve 200,000 residential and business customers.
  • Our electrical system spans over 5,000 kilometres.
  • We operate 65 municipal substations and over 25,000 distribution transformers.
  • Our service interruptions are consistently below the Ontario average.

To find out about current rates, various applications and other proceedings, see our regulatory affairs section.

Our history

We’ve been delivering more than energy to Mississauga for almost a century. With a corporate history dating back to 1917, our beginnings go back long before Mississauga was created. The timeline below lists important dates in the history of our company.


Thomas Edison perfects the electric light. Later, Nicholas Tesla discovers the principle of rotating magnetic fields, enabling the development of steam and water-driven electric generators.


The streets of Streetsville have electric lights. They’re powered by a single line running north along Mississauga Road from the village of Erindale.


Private companies that use steam and coal to generate electricity are now being established across Southern Ontario. Hydro lines are being built at a rapid pace. In Toronto Township — today’s Mississauga — three major utilities will eventually emerge: Toronto Township Hydro, Streetsville Public Utilities Commission (PUC), and Port Credit PUC.


To improve engineering standards and reduce the number of blackouts, the Ontario Government creates a public power company, Ontario Hydro. Toronto Township is the first of many Ontario towns to enter into a contract with Ontario Hydro to supply it with electricity.


Ontario Hydro builds a substation in Port Credit to serve growing communities like Brampton, Streetsville and New Toronto. From the station, a new hydro line — 510 poles in all — stretches up Centre Street, known today as Hurontario or Highway 10.


The Toronto Township Hydro Commission (TTHC) is formed — the beginning of Enersource.


TTHC moves its head office from Port Credit to 2325 Hurontario (the northeast corner of Hurontario and The Queensway).


Toronto Township grows rapidly and, with it, TTHC. It is one of the first utilities to increase its operating voltage from 4,160 to 13,800 volts. It is also a leader in engineering techniques for underground wiring of new subdivisions, with Toronto Township becoming the first municipality in Canada to have 1,000 electrically-heated homes.


Toronto Township, Streetsville and Port Credit amalgamate to form the City of Mississauga. TTHC becomes Hydro Mississauga. Due to the amalgamation, there are two Hydro Mississauga offices: 2325 Hurontario Street and 3240 Mavis Road.


All Hydro Mississauga employees are consolidated at the newly-expanded 3240 Mavis Road location.


The newly incorporated and commercially restructured Enersource Hydro Mississauga is created.


Enersource delivers more than energy.

More than energy

What does it mean?

Energy is about more than simply flipping a switch or plugging in an appliance. It’s about powering people and giving back to communities. It’s about innovative technology that supports conservation and environmental well-being. It’s about an honest, respectful work environment in which people are safe and know they are valued members of their team.

It’s also about being an industry leader — one that provides exceptional customer service and has excellent records related to safety and reliability.

Enersource is all these things, through our commitment to:


We have the best people in the industry on our team and we serve great customers in a great city.


We give back to our community through programs and support that enable us to get involved and lend a hand.


We help our customers conserve energy and protect the environment because the environment is important to all of us.


We develop new programs and services that make our business better and make us more responsive to our customer’s needs.