Investing in Our Community

Over the last 30 years, Mississauga has expanded very quickly and the initial infrastructure used to power the city is now reaching its end of useful life. Enersource recognizes that we need to continually make major capital investments, which is why we have a robust underground and overhead infrastructure renewal plan in place to ensure we continue supplying reliable electricity to our customers.

Many of us don’t understand how electricity gets into our homes. Electricity is typically created through large hydroelectricity, natural gas, nuclear, and wind/solar power facilities. These generation facilities tend to be far from urban centres and require extensive transportation networks, such as high-voltage electricity lines, to deliver power to your local utility—Enersource. This electricity is then sent over a long network of lines, either via underground cables or along utility poles running parallel to roadways, eventually connecting to our homes and businesses through a meter. This process has been the same for many decades and as Mississauga continues to grow, so do our electrical needs.

Enersource must carefully consider all neighbourhoods in Mississauga when determining whether to replace existing infrastructure or plan for new growth. When reviewing existing infrastructure, our reliability team assesses where the greatest needs are in the City. Once all new builds and rebuilds are determined, an asset management plan is set for the coming year.  As we approach the end of 2014, Enersource staff members already have preliminary plans in place for work to be completed in 2015.

With nearly a century of providing electrical services to the Mississauga area, our commitment remains stronger than ever—to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity to all of our customers.