Mother Parkers

The term ‘hero’ is often used to describe those whose pursuits are noble and their successes inspirational. Rarely are companies called heroic, but the leadership demonstrated by Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee in environmental stewardship certainly fits the bill.

Over the last 100 years, the Mississauga-based company has grown from its humble beginnings to produce over 8-billion cups of coffee and 2-billion cups of tea per year.

With ever-increasing demand for product, the company is considered a large energy consumer. Despite their high consumption, Mother Parkers is quickly becoming known as one of Mississauga’s most energy-efficient companies.

Upon visiting their Corporate Head Office, one is greeted with the aroma of roasting coffee and a brightly lit office space. The mood is purposeful and energetic, as light-emitting diode (LED) technology illuminates the workplace.

For Mother Parkers, finding the right lighting was one of the most critical factors in creating a culture of conservation.

Initially installed in 2014 to support the company’s safety protocols, the new lighting became recognized for its energy reduction benefits. This began a shift in the mindset of Mother Parkers’ staff, and they began to seek greater ways to reduce the company’s overall environmental footprint.

Mississauga-based Adrian Khan is the Environmental Health and Safety Manager for Mother Parkers’ Canadian Operations. He took the lead on the company-wide initiative to find ways to improve efficiencies. He began by reaching out to local utilities – electricity, natural gas and water – to find out if there were any available conservation programs. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

“There are more opportunities for companies to reduce their environmental footprint than people realize,” says Khan. “Sometimes it just takes a phone call to the different utility companies in your area.”

Mother Parkers began working with Enersource for electricity conservation ideas and opportunities to participate in energy reduction initiatives.

Within a year, Mother Parkers converted all of its Mississauga-based facilities from the standard 1000 W and 400 W metal halide lighting found in most warehouses, to LED technology that is brighter, lasts longer and uses a fraction of the electricity. The company also installed occupancy sensors, which turn on the lights only when motion is detected.

Their coffee grinders were reduced from three units to two high-efficiency models. Air compressors were replaced with more efficient models, including a variable speed unit to adjust the compressed air output as needed. Through these initiatives, Mother Parkers reduced their yearly electricity consumption by nearly 1.7-million kWh. That’s enough electricity to power 170 homes for an entire year.

To reduce natural gas consumption, Mother Parkers replaced an old, inefficient roaster with a newer model. They took steps to better manage roasting capabilities, eliminating the need to have the roaster on all the time. Through these initiatives, Mother Parkers reduced their annual gas consumption by 1.5-million cubic meters per year. That’s enough natural gas to power over 550 homes for a year.

In the near future, the company is planning to use excess heat generated by the roasters to warm the truck loading bay, which will further reduce energy consumption and improve the comfort of workers.

Water consumption was also reduced by 42,000 cubic meters with the installation of an open loop chilling system to cool heated equipment. That’s enough water for about 350 people for a year.

These energy efficiency measures are being recognized throughout Mississauga, as more companies want to learn about Mother Parkers’ processes and best practices.

“As a society, we have a duty to the community and to future generations to find ways that are more environmentally friendly in the way business is conducted,” says Khan, “Fortunately, at Mother Parkers we have been able to connect our commitment to safety with our approach to environmental stewardship. This results in our company being safer and more environmentally responsible.”

While Mother Parkers has made great strides in reducing their environmental footprint in Mississauga, they are far from done. Building on existing successes, Mother Parkers has many plans to improve their efficiencies even further.

Enersource applauds Mother Parkers for being one of Mississauga’s ‘Conservation Heroes’.

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By the numbers

Electricity Reduction

  • 1.7 million kWh/year = enough electricity to power 170 homes for a year.

Natural Gas Reduction

  • 1.5 million cubic meters/year = enough natural gas to power over 550 homes for a year.

Water Reduction

  • 42,000 cubic meters/year = enough water for about 350 people for a year.