Street Lighting Repair Request

New street lights in Mississauga

The City of Mississauga currently has more than 49,000 street lights.  Until recently, all of Mississauga’s street lights cast a yellow-orange light, consumed a lot of energy and lit up the night sky.  In November 2012, the City began a $26-million project to upgrade its existing street lighting by converting the old system to Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights.  These new street lights are expected to significantly reduce maintenance costs and should result in at least a 55 per cent reduction in future energy consumption for the City.  They will also increase safety, visibility and reduce light pollution in the sky. 

Update – Some new LED street lights are staying ‘ON’ throughout the day

Installation has been progressing well, however, we have received reports of new street lights that remain ‘ON’ throughout the day. The LEDs are radio controlled, whereby the lights communicate with each other and to central controllers called Gateways, via a mesh network configuration.

When a recently installed LED light remains ‘ON’ throughout the day, it is because there is a communications malfunction and it is unable to wirelessly connect with the Gateways.  As a safety feature, the LED lights are programmed to turn themselves ‘ON’ when communication is lost or interrupted.  This ensures that nearby roadways are illuminated until the communications malfunction is rectified and that no roadways are inadvertently left dark in the evening.

Replacing all of the street lights in Mississauga will take time and during the installation process, temporary communication gaps between the LED lights and the Gateways may arise, resulting in the LED lights staying ‘ON’ during the day.  This is a temporary inconvenience and will be corrected once all the street lights within an area are converted to LED lights and the communication mesh is completed

Single Light Out

  • To be repaired within 10 working days

Multiple Lights Out

  • More than three (3) lights out on a non-major thoroughfare to be repaired within two (2) working days.
  • Sections of lights on major thoroughfares to be repaired within one (1) working day.

Multiple lights not operatingSingle light not operatingStreetlight is going on and offBroken glassOpen - broken or missing light fixtureDamaged poleExposed wiresLights blocked by treesOther

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