Energy Managers

Optimize your Business Process Efficiency with a Funded Energy Manager.

The ENERGY MANAGER program is designed to implement energy-efficient technologies to optimize your business process efficiency. Energy Managers are trained to proactively manage energy costs and energy consumption to drive conservation and demand management (CDM) savings.

Participants can be industrial, commercial, institutional, and/or agricultural distribution customers that meet program eligibility criteria.  A group of customers or an association representing a group of eligible customers may also participate.

The funded Energy Manager can be an existing employee, new hire or a consultant dedicated to your facility on a full-time basis. You may also share your Energy Manager between your facilities throughout Ontario.

The Energy Manager program offers two incentive options:

  1. Salary based: 80% of the salary, and eligible costs, of your Energy Manager (incentive capped at $80K).
  2. Performance based: $40/MWh of electricity saved annually (incentive capped at $150K).

To find out if your business is eligible for this program or for more information, please visit or email us at:

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Energy Managers