Finding More Ways to Save You Money

Did you know that as much as 60% of your annual energy bill goes towards heating and cooling your home? Alectra Utilities and the Ontario Power Authority are working together to find better ways for you to save money by helping you become more energy efficient.

With the Heating and Cooling Incentive, you can received up to $650 on eligible replacement central heating systems and ENERGY STAR qualified central cooling systems. Most importantly, once your installation is complete, you can save up to $325 a year on your electricity costs. To participate in the Heating and Cooling Incentive program, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact a participating contractor to select, purchase and install an eligible replacement system. (List of participating contractors.)
  2. Once your installation is completed, your contractor will complete an online incentive form and ensure that all equipments serial and model numbers are included. Be sure to provide your email address so you can proceed easily to the next steps.
  3. An email will be sent asking you to review and approve your incentive details as outlined on your online incentive submission form.
  4. Send in your proof of purchase (copy of your invoice) and a copy of the online incentive submission form using one of the following methods:
    • email –
    • fax – 1-866-945-6474
    • mail – 2011 Heating and Cooling Incentive, PO Box 10099, Winona, Ontario, L8E 5R1
      • (note: if you choose to send in via mail, we recommend sending it via registered mail)
  5. You should receive your incentive rebate in the mail within 4 to 8 weeks (provided is is approved)

For more information on the Heating and Cooling Incentive Program, click here, or call 1-877-797-9473.