Monthly billing is coming in the summer

Alectra Utilities customers in Mississauga will soon receive their electricity bills monthly. We are moving all residential accounts to “monthly billing” per the Ontario Energy Board mandate requiring all utilities in the province to make this change. The convenience of monthly billing means smaller, more manageable payments that better align with other monthly expenses.

In the summer, all residential accounts are being transitioned to monthly billing. What does this mean for you?

  • Instead of six bills each year you will receive twelve smaller, more manageable invoices
  • You will be provided with more timely energy consumption information
  • Your Alectra bill will be better aligned with other household bills and expenses

Have questions about how monthly billing will impact you? The Alectra Utilities (formerly Enersource) Customer Service team has answered some of your frequently asked monthly billing questions.

Other changes coming this summer

What might this mean for you?

New account number

  • Some customers will receive notification they have a new Alectra Utilities account number. If you make your payments by online banking all that will be required is for the account number to be updated at your bank. We will let you know if your account number is changing in the summer. Stay tuned!

epost service is being discontinued. Switch to ebilling

  • Alectra Utilities will be discontinuing epost service this summer and you will no longer be able to receive your invoice through this channel. We offer a convenient ebilling solution and transitioning from epost to ebilling via our My Account web portal is easy. epost accounts that are not changed to ebilling will be automatically reverted to paper bills delivered by postal mail when the service is discontinued.

Enhanced My Account web portal and ebilling

  • This summer you will have access to our enhanced My Account web portal and ebilling service anywhere you have Internet. Optimized for mobile devices, the dashboard provides an overview of your account where you can check time-of-use meter data, use the comparison tools to analyze your energy usage and view the status and history of your account. Watch for more announcements about web portal and ebilling enhancements coming in the summer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are other electric utilities moving to monthly billing too?

Yes, the Ontario Energy Board, our industry regulator, mandated that all electric utilities in the province move their residential customers to monthly billing.

Why is the province moving to monthly billing?

Monthly billing offers customers smaller, more manageable payments and better aligns with other monthly expenses.

A monthly bill is also a better indicator of your consumption habits. It provides more timely information about your electricity usage, which makes the bill a more effective tool in helping you manage electricity costs.

When will I be moved to monthly billing?

Mississauga residential customers will receive their last bi-monthly bill in the spring. Your account will transition to the monthly schedule from that point forward.