Understanding My Bill

Electricity is an important service — which makes it extra important that you understand your bill. We have a mobile friendly example here.


Got questions about your electricity bill or electricity rates?


Get answers here or by calling our Customer Service Centre at 905-273-7425

You can also contact:

Ontario Energy Board at 416-314-2455

Independent Electricity System Operator at 1-800-448-7777


  1. Account Number
    This is your personal Enersource account number. Use this number when you pay your bill using online or telephone banking, or any time you have a questions about your account.
  2. Meter Number
    You’ll find this number on your electricity meter. Your meter will be located either outside along the wall of your house or in your basement. If you live in an apartment or condominium, your meter is probably centrally located with the meters of other tenants.
  3. Statement Date
    This is the date your statement was printed.
  4. Amount Due
    This is the amount you currently owe.
  5. Due Date
    This is the date your payment is required by.
  6. Amount Paid
    This is where you fill in the amount of your payment.
  7. Your Electricity Charges
    This is the total of the charges on your energy bill, which includes the cost of energy delivery, as well as the charges we collect and pass through to electricity suppliers. If you purchase your electricity from a retailer instead of Alectra Utilities, the price you pay will be different and is listed in the contract you signed. This also includes Global Adjustment, which helps to off-set costs associated with energy adjustment.
  8. Delivery
    This is the cost of bringing electricity from generating stations to your home and is comprised of three separate charges:
    Customer Charge: Is based on fixed costs (such as meter costs and administration), and does not change with your consumption.
    Distribution Charge: Helps pay for the system and services that deliver electricity to your home.
    Transmission Connection and Transmission Network Charges:
    Cover the cost of sending electricity from power generators to Alectra Utilities.
  9. Regulatory Charges
    Include the new Special Purpose Charge, which helps maintain Ontario’s power grid and pay for conservation and renewable-energy programs. Alectra Utilities passes these charges directly to the
    province’s independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO). The IESO balances the flow of electricity across the province. Also includes Wholesale Market Service Charge which covers costs
    related to market regulation and system management.
  10. Debt Retirement Charge
    This was a charge to help lower the debt of the former Ontario Hydro. As part of its commitment to reduce electricity cost pressures, the government is removing the DRC from residential
    electricity users' bills after December 31, 2015.
  11. The H.S.T (Harmonized Sales Tax) is 13%.
  12. Amount of Last Bil
    This is the total of your previous bill.
  13. Payment Recieved
    This is the payment you made after you received your previous bill.
  14. Balance Forward
    This is the amount still owing from your previous bill. It has been added to your new bill.
  15. Total Amount Due
    This gives you the total of your bill and when payment is due.
  16. Compare your daily usage
    This graph helps you to compare your energy use from month to month.
  17. Tou Chart
    This chart shows your TOU usage
  18. This space will often include important messages from Alectra Utilities regarding your bill
    and rates.
  19. Your Electricity Usage
    These numbers are the various readings from your meter. We use them to calculate your bill.